Jingjiang Junli Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, specializing in manufacturing a wide range of self-piece rivet appied in differnt aplications. Rivets are available in Dia.3 and Dia.5, in length 3.5mm-12mm, typically joint Al plate with thickness up to 10mm, steel plate with thickness up to 6mm.  Slef-pierce riveting (SPR) is a joint method for two or more materials using rivet, different to conventional riveting, SPR doesn't need a pre-drilled hole, the SPR process deliver better static strength and fatigue resistance.  Junli fastening system has a wide range of applications in general industry, including: Air conditioning industry, automotive system, road sign, construction and so on.  

Based on the principle "By continuous improvement, process management enhancement, pursuit of high quality, Junli Fastener is committed to manufacturing quality products with zero defect to meet customer needs. To constantly expand production scale, in cooperation with Hefei University of Technology, Junli Fastener has a number of patented technologies, and advanced research and development capabilities.                

As the leader of self-pierce riveting process, Jingjiang Junli Fastener has built up many years of experience in the optimisation of self-pierce riveted joins, we are happy to provide advice on our self-pierce riveting process for any potential application, please contact us for more information. 



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By continuous improvement
Jingjiang Junli Fastener Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

As the leader of self-pierce riveting process