Riveting section
  • Without pre drilling, no waste, no iron generated;
    Self piercing riveting riveting are allowed with sandwich materials;
    No thermal stress concentration of self piercing riveting rivet contacts, will not damage the surface coating materials;
    Since the dynamic fatigue strength of punching and riveting riveting point is high, far better than the traditional spot welding sheet connection technology;
    Can be used to connect metal and non-metallic materials and multilayer materials; Waterproof, good air tightness;
    Self piercing riveting rivet joint is the use of specific stamping, riveting quality and stability;
    The riveting point geometry size detection can easily determine the riveting quality can be realized, no damage detection;
    Self piercing riveting equipment can be integrated in a multi-point riveting stroke, greatly improve the working efficiency;
    Self piercing riveting equipment, low energy consumption, no dust, no noise pollution;
    Complete riveting in one stroke of the equipment! Process is simple, save labor cost;
    The static connection strength of the connection is 70% of the spot welding.

  • The technical principle and process: the blank holder first downward movement of pre pressing riveting material, to prevent material to flow into the die in the rivet force, then push down the downward movement of the punch rivet piercing upper material. In the interaction of the die and the punch rivet tail under open formation in the lower metal bell shape to lock, to connect to. When the two layers of the same metal material are riveted, the thick layer is arranged on the lower layer; when the two layers of different metal materials are riveted, the plastic material is placed on the lower layer.

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