In different stages of the riveting
  • - Multilayer plate group;
    - Athermal effect ―― Can be used for coating or plating plate connection without damaging its coating and without any damage;
    - Low energy consumption;
    - Short working cycle;
    - Environmentally friendly process, no heat, smoke, steam, sparks, dust or debris, etc.;
    - The riveting quality is stable and reproducible;
    - The quality of riveted joints can be checked by visual inspection;
    - Can be combined with adhesive technology;
    - Automatic nailing system to ensure continuity of production.

  • Without pre drilling, no waste, no iron generated;
    Self piercing riveting riveting are allowed with sandwich materials;
    No thermal stress concentration of self piercing riveting rivet contacts, will not damage the surface coating materials;
    Since the dynamic fatigue strength of punching and riveting riveting point is high, far better than the traditional spot welding sheet connection technology;
    Can be used to connect metal and non-metallic materials and multilayer materials; Waterproof, good air tightness;
    Self piercing riveting rivet joint is the use of specific stamping, riveting quality and stability;
    The riveting point geometry size detection can easily determine the riveting quality can be realized, no damage detection;
    Self piercing riveting equipment can be integrated in a multi-point riveting stroke, greatly improve the working efficiency;
    Self piercing riveting equipment, low energy consumption, no dust, no noise pollution;
    Complete riveting in one stroke of the equipment! Process is simple, save labor cost;
    The static connection strength of the connection is 70% of the spot welding.

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