car riveting
  • Currently there are two kinds of manufacturing process for Bus Duct fastening,bolt fastening and Self-Piercing riveting. The method Bus Duct fastened by bolting was low efficient and take much more human cost, while if it is fastened by Self-Piercing riveting machine, it will increase 50% efficiency than that of traditional bolting method.

  • The technical principle and process: the blank holder first downward movement of pre pressing riveting material, to prevent material to flow into the die in the rivet force, then push down the downward movement of the punch rivet piercing upper material. In the interaction of the die and the punch rivet tail under open formation in the lower metal bell shape to lock, to connect to. When the two layers of the same metal material are riveted, the thick layer is arranged on the lower layer; when the two layers of different metal materials are riveted, the plastic material is placed on the lower layer.

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